Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bengdubi

Bharat Scouts & Guide Programme 2010-11




Pratham Sopan

Dwitya Sopan

Tritya Sopan


Registration, Knowledge about the movement & lord Boden Powel, Scout law and promises


Revision of Pratham Sopan Activities.

Mapping as Per Syllabus Apr-11 Hike / Night Camp Wild Game


Scouts Motto, Sign & Salute left hand shake, Simple Drill, Singing National Anthem Correctly.


Estimation as per Apro-11 Syllabus, Proficiency Badge any one as per APRO-11 Syllabus.

Estimation as per Apro-11 Syllabus, Proficiency Badge any one as per APRO-11 Syllabus.


Knowledge of Scouts uniform and how to wear it. Investiture after 3 months of Registration date.

Scouts Motto, Sign, Salute & Left Hand Shake etc Justification, Learn about Patrol Flag, Yell, Song & Corner.

Fire Cooking as per Syllabus APRO-II

Cooking & Participation in over night Troop Camp.



General rules of Health, BP Six/ Six Ashants , Simple Drill Scout Prayer, Flag Song.

First Aid of Dwitya Sopan as per APRO-II syllabus. Participation in troop wild game.

Revision of Syllabus of Tritiya Sopan, Preparation for Final Test.



Whipping & Knotting as per APRO-II, Syllabus for Pratham Sopan.

Pioneering & Tie & know the different Hitches as per Syllabus APRO-II

Tritiya Sopan Test in Aug/ Sept as per directive of division.



Wood Craft sign & its usage, Gadgets / Handi Crafts, Revision of Prayee, Flag Song, National Anthem, Movement & good order.

Participation in Social Service community Service / fair or Mela note on Pollution problem of locality.




Daily good turn at home & maintenance of a diary for a month. Knowledge about block / municipality. Details of National Flag, Scouts Flags, Troop Flag etc.

Signing as per Syllabus APRO-II. Testing camp in the end of Nov / After 9 months of Passing Pratham Sopan




Patrols Day, Hike Nature study, Project based on Scouting


Proficiency Badges as per Syllabus.

Talk on National Anthem.


Contents of first Aid box, knowledge about cuts, scratches, burns, scalds, bleeding from nose, string, Testing Camp in last week.



First aid as per syllabus of Tritiya Sopan APRO-II